Frequently Asked Questions

How is Eovations technology different from traditional wood-polymer composites?

Lineal material produced with Eovations™ technology has a very distinct oriented, fully-fibrous structure that is a remarkable analog of wood's internal structure. Because the fibers in Eovations lineals are long, intermingled and oriented, they provide higher strength than other composites and greater toughness than wood. Traditional wood-plastic composites do not have any such dominant fibrous structure and use embedded wood particles to reduce the cost basis of the resulting plastic article. Lineals produced with Eovations technology also display almost no moisture absorption. Wood-plastic composites are just a common plastic matrix which is broken up by a wood or other cellulose additives. Eovations technology closely mimics the actual construction of wood using highly toughened polymer fibers with no cellulosic fillers that would simply serve as potential future defect sites in other composite materials.

How can Eovations lineal material be applied in specific applications?

Beyond strength, water resistance and thermal stability, another highlight of Eovations material is application versatility. It is the only available composite that can be split controllably to create authentic shake shingles. Eovations lineals can be heat- or ultrasonically-laminated to form posts or other large cross sections. The material can be cut, drilled, routed and shaped using conventional trade and production woodworking tools. Woodworking nails, screws and staples can be applied with hand or power tools and provide excellent holding power and re-attachment performance. Pigments and colorants can be embedded during manufacturing, and factory treatments of the Eovations surface offer excellent acceptance of paints and other coatings. Wood grain surfaces and other patterns can easily be embossed onto Eovations lineals during manufacturing.

Will Eovations material increase labor or slow down work in the field or in my plant?

No. Eovations material can be worked with conventional tools and techniques. It feels familiar and comfortable to work with, and in some ways is even more reliable due to its cross-section consistency, compared to wood. Eovations material has extraordinary split resistance when fasteners are placed close to ends or edges of lineals. Another working advantage of Eovations technology is light weight; the material can be carried quickly and easily around job sites without breakage or distortion.

Is Eovations a technology or a material?

It is both. Formally, "Eovations™" is a patented extrusion/drawing technology that produces a unique, new-to-the-world lineal material that is highly versatile and useful in structural and non-structural applications.

What is Eovations, LLC background?

Headquartered in Selma, Alabama, Eovations, LLC is a technology-driven company founded to commercialize the Eovations technology in a broad set of applications. Eovations, LLC is an affiliate of UFP Industries of Grand Rapids, Michigan USA, which is playing a leading role in the commercialization of Eovations technology. Eovations technology has its roots in material science exploration by The Dow Chemical Company, which transferred ownership of the technology to Eovations, LLC in early 2010. Eovations, LLC now has complete stewardship of the Eovations technology and the objective to commercialize it.

How can I explore the possibilities of Eovations material for my applications?

Eovations, LLC is open to further explore OEM (original equipment manufacturer) opportunities. To learn more, please contact us.