Works as Easily as Wood

You can specify Eovations™ material with confidence that factory and field personnel can cut, drill and shape it similar to wood. It gives excellent results with all types of conventional fasteners, and it's easy to handle on job sites.

Works with Conventional Tools

The material can be cut, drilled, routed and shaped using conventional hand and powered woodworking tools. Unlike some other composites, Eovations material doesn't leave residue on saw blades or drill bits.

Excellent Fastener Performance

Conventional woodworking nails, screws and staples can be applied with hand or power tools and provide excellent holding power and resistance to pull-out. The flexible, fibrous nature of Eovations material helps it accept penetrating fasteners and then constrict slightly to secure them in place. This gives Eovations material excellent splitting resistance; fasteners can be placed close to edges and ends of lineal with less chance of failure. The same phenomenon also creates excellent screw re-attachment performance.

No Special Fabrication or Installation Procedures

Because it works similar to wood, you don't need to hire or train people with special skills to handle or work it. Individuals with ordinary woodworking skills can become "Eovations Carpenters" within minutes. Eovations materials can be fabricated and installed as quickly and easily as wood, reducing labor costs that may be associated with other composites. Because the structure of Eovations material is more consistent than wood, imperfections such as knots, growth rings and other weak points are not present to cause splitting or other defects during fabrication.

Light Weight

Lightweight Eovations material can reduce shipping costs versus conventional plastic composites. And on jobsites, it is easy to carry and erect, reducing labor requirements.

Factory Fabrication and Lamination of Custom Dimensions

Eovations lineals can be heat- or ultrasonically-laminated at the factory to form posts or other large cross sections.