Stands Up to the World

No matter what the world throws at Eovations™ material, it shrugs it off and keeps looking and performing beautifully. It offers superb water resistance, stands up to sunlight and high wind forces, and resists damage by microorganisms, insects, aquatic life and chemicals.

Virtually No Moisture Absorption

Unlike wood and many other composite materials, Eovations material absorbs virtually no moisture; extended immersion testing under vacuum shows maximum moisture absorption values of less than 0.2%. This gives Eovations material an enormous advantage in weatherability, freeze-thaw stability and weight consistency.

Fully Immersible

Because it absorbs almost no water, Eovations material can be used in extended immersion applications such as marine construction and dock pilings. While the polymer fibers in Eovations material are longitudinally arranged, they are thoroughly melt-fused during extrusion, so even "end grain" exposed during cutting does not absorb appreciable amounts of water.

Resistance to Sunlight

Eovations material can be formulated to stand up to extended UV exposure, resisting surface chalking and spalling. Its high mineral content contributes for this property.

Stands Up to High Wind Forces

In cladding applications, Eovations material has the strength to withstand far greater wind-generated forces than incumbent products. Independent laboratory testing has shown its ability to withstand continuous 200 mile per hour wind forces. It also significantly outperforms other composites in hurricane-level flying 2x4 impact testing.

Does Not Rot

Unlike untreated wood, Eovations material does not rot. Its primary polymer and mineral components are also not metabolized by microorganisms.

No Chemical Leaching

Eovations material does not leach chemicals into its surroundings even when fully submersed. It is an excellent choice for structural and decorative uses in biosensitive areas and in play structures.

Excellent Resistance to Insect Damage

Since it contains no cellulose, Eovations material does not attract cellulose-metabolizing insects like termites and beetles.

Mold and Mildew Resistance

Since it contains no cellulose, has no open porosity structure, and is not degraded by common mold enzymes, Eovations material does not support the growth of mold and mildew.

Freeze/Thaw Stability

Eovations material stands up to relentless freeze/thaw cycling. Since it has a low rate of thermal expansion, it is not subject to nearly as much dimensional stress as many other composites. Eovations material also displays very little moisture absorption, so it isn't prone to damage from internal ice crystal formation.

No Brittle Behavior

Eovations material retains flexural strength even under high impact and cold temperatures. It does not exhibit brittle structural failure.

Does Not Splinter

Eovations material does not form sharp splinters. When a lineal is split, the fibrous polymer tends to be considerably softer and more flexible than wood. This can be an advantage for children's play structures and walking surfaces, as well as in livestock enclosures, especially with animals prone to cribbing.

Resistant to Marine Organisms

Since it does not contain cellulose, Eovations material resists destructive marine organisms such as shipworm marine borers and gribbles that metabolize cellulose.

Resists Salt Water and Galvanic Corrosion

For structural and engineering applications in salt water environments, Eovations material is an excellent choice where a non-corrodible, high-strength, light weight material is required. It does not swell or degrade in salt water. Eovations material can replace aluminum in many marine structural applications, and it can be considered as a metal replacement in some multi-metal engineering applications where galvanic corrosion is an issue.

Resistant to Many Corrosives

Eovations material provides excellent resistance to many common corrosive liquids and solids. Generally, its chemical resistance is the same as that of its base polymer. Eovations material offers excellent resistance to a wide variety of inorganic and organic chemicals. In agricultural applications, it provides excellent resistance to urea and ammonia, common components of livestock urine and manure.


Eovations material is homogeneous and scrap is fully recyclable back into the extrusion process.