Easy on Anyone's Eyes

Eovations™ material comes off the production line looking great, and it's versatile enough to give product designers, architects and engineers endless choices to harmonize it with environments and assemblies. Its weatherability and other physical characteristics keep it looking great long after other materials show their age.

Color it to Suit Your Needs

With Eovations material, you don't have to accept a limited color palette. Pigments and colorants can be embedded during extrusion, and post-production coatings can also be applied at the factory. Eovations material readily accepts surface treatments that allow excellent acceptance of paints and other coatings applied in the field.

A Wide Range of Surface Patterns and Textures

Whether you want to simulate wood, metals or other materials, Eovations material readily accepts factory surface embossing. Wood grain, functional tread patterns or other geometric or freeform patterns present no difficulty. Eovations material accepts polymer caps to extend the range of aesthetics and performance even more.

Workability Lets You Create Beauty in the Field

In the field, Eovations material can be worked just like wood. Your design possibilities are not constrained by a limited assortment of shapes, components or trim articles. If you can imagine something created with saws, drills, routers and planers, Eovations material gives you the freedom to get it done with conventional carpentry skills and tools.

Weatherability and Toughness Keep it Looking Great Longer

Eovations material stands up to rain, freeze/thaw cycling and sunlight, and may be formulated to maintain excellent surface appearance long after other materials fade and chalk. Since its moisture absorption is so low, Eovations material doesn't crack and spall due to internal ice crystal formation. It also does not support the growth of mold, mildew and other microbes.