Value Position

The value of Eovations™ technology is based on a set of intrinsic characteristics that allow the material to more effectively meet emerging cost and performance needs that most other composite materials, polymers, wood and certain metals cannot always address.

Manufacturing costs, installed expense, and life cycle value considerations are key validators of Eovations technology. Using the decking application as a point of comparison, raw material costs for Eovations are lower than standard- or premium-grade wood/plastic composites or PVC. Eovations material uses a lower cost filler and the lower density of the final product also reduces raw material cost. Moreover, Eovations material reduces processing costs due to faster line speeds, no raw material drying requirement, and lower total plant capital costs.

Eovations technology can also contribute to lower installation costs. The material is lighter, reducing transport costs and job site labor. No special skills or tools are required to work with Eovations material, and its toughness and forgiving workability can reduce wasted material and time during installation.

Because of its high strength, lack of water absorption, and durability, Eovations material can offer significantly longer service life than many competing materials. The material is also fully recyclable.

While the preceding analysis paints a very favorable picture for United States markets, the value proposition for Eovations material can be even stronger in the international arena, particularly in areas such as the Middle East where wood is scarce and costly.