Manufacturing Technology

Eovations™ technology is a patented, proprietary extrusion/drawing process that combines mineral particles with a thermoplastic matrix. The process yields lineals of a fully fibrous and molecularly-oriented composite system that accurately replicates wood's fibrous network and structure. Densities between 0.5g/cc and 1.0 g/cc can be achieved with excellent control; no blowing agents are used. A variety of thermoplastic polymers may be used with Eovations technology and, along with the wide processing windows the process affords, a very wide range of targeted final properties can be achieved. As experience is gained with an expanded list of polymers and minerals, the versatility of the manufacturing technique continues to be demonstrated and new performance options created.

Producing a Fully-fibrous Composite Structure

Diagram of polymer and mineral being extruded through a die to orient polymer chains in individual polymer fibers to create a fibrous internal structure like wood.

The patented Eovations extrusion/drawing process first creates the small scale fiber matrix, and then orients polymer chains within the individual fibers into a remarkably strong fiber structure that improves upon the performance of wood's fibrous network.