When the Going Gets Tough and Wet, Eovations Material Dives Right In.

In marine applications, Eovations™ materials offer the toughness and impact resistance needed to manage heavy weight, pounding wave action and the inevitable bumping of boats and other watercraft. Eovations material floats and it absorbs almost no moisture, so it can be used in both water-exposure and full-immersion applications, including structural pilings and sea walls. It does not leach chemicals into the water. It is not subject to salt water deterioration, galvanic corrosion or attack by marine and freshwater organisms.

Eovations material also has many advantages in boat construction, especially as a component of bulkheads. It is tough, lightweight, does not fail catastrophically, does not rot and offers an extended service life.

  • Docks and Piers
  • Seawalls
  • Dock Siderails
  • Pontoon Boat Decking
  • Bulkheads or Other Boat Structural Components
  • Cargo or Military Ship Decking
  • Pilings
  • Heavy Duty Bumpers
  • Ski Ramps
  • Rear Boat Platforms
  • Fiberglass Boat Structural Braces
  • Boat Trailer Skid Boards
  • On-Dock Structures