A Material that Can Help Growing Operations Keep on Growing

While farm work can get pretty tough and wet, Eovations™ material is more than up to the challenge. It fits right in anywhere there's a need for a strong, lightweight and weatherable material. In livestock stables, Eovations material offers the perfect combination of strength, resilience and moisture resistance in a versatile form. It is virtually splinter-free. Outside, Eovations material provides a longer-lasting alternative to wood, not only for building exteriors, but also the dozens of other places where wood or metal have shortcomings. Eovations material's light weight, high strength, and water and insect resistance make it a great alternative for bins, boxes and other shipping containers.

  • Stakes
  • Trailer Floors
  • Sorting and Processing Fixtures
  • Livestock Pens
  • Poultry Coops
  • Feeding Troughs
  • Fencing and Posts
  • Nursery Racks
  • Harvest Bins
  • Pallet Boxes
  • Barn Flooring and Partitions
  • Trellis Posts
  • Raised Bed Frames